Wayne Perry does not keep his word

Over the last decade, Common Place Land Trust in Truxton NY has given Wayne Perry and Fencing and More than $30,000 worth of business for road maintenance and snow plowing. Wayne decided he was going to retire from plowing the 1.3 mile long CPLC driveway and assured us that he would sell the plow truck when he was ready to get a new truck. A verbal agreement was reached between Wayne and Thilde and a price for the truck was agreed upon ($3500). Thilde was starting an organic orchard at CPLC and also needed a pickup to help around the orchard. Since she is chemically sensitive there are few vehicles out there that she can buy, this truck was one of them. Several times throughout the year Thilde reminded Wayne that she wanted to buy the truck and he assured her that he would sell it to her.

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When it came time to sell the truck he was driving over to Thilde’s and stopped to talk to Karl Frost and Angela Perry. Due to personal differences that both Angela and Karl have with Thilde’s husband they managed to convince Wayne not to sell the truck to Thilde. Wayne decided instead to sell the truck to Karl Frost’s son Josh who owed the land trust $2500 for the last 3 years and has made no attempt to ever pay back any of the debt that he has owed. The late fees on that amount are currently at $1772.85 and growing every day. Wayne was aware that Josh owed a massive amount of money to the land trust that he had no intention of paying and still sold him the truck that he had already promised to sell to Thilde.

This leaves CPLC in a lurch since it is less than a month till the snow starts falling and they have no one lined up to plow their 1.3 mile long driveway. There is no way that CPLC would trust Josh to plow the driveway since he has already proven to be dishonest and unreliable. Thilde had a good working relationship with Wayne previous to this event and had hired him personally to do work on her leasehold.

So the question is, do you really want to hire someone who doesn’t keep his word, and who leaves a community that he used to be a part of without anyone to plow the driveway in mid-November when the snow is already starting to fall? We have decided that we don’t feel appropriate doing that, and you should know before you get into any business dealings with Wayne that his word is not to be trusted.